30 Free and Premium Themes For Everyone

free and premium themes

In this list you will also find solutions for business, real estate, pet, health and gaming sites. With the use of these will save you a great deal of time.

Even if you do not know a thing about coding, building a professional site can be an easy task for you. Yes, you can do everything by yourself. For that you are going to install a readymade template, make a few changes and upload the required content. That is pretty much it. For this reason, you might be interested in this collection of the top 30 free and premium themes that will work for both beginners and experienced webmasters, as any of them will save you a great deal of time and money.

In this collection, you will find solutions for different kinds of business. They offer a striking look coupled with advanced functionality. Besides that, they come loaded with a variety of visual effects like Parallax, hover, different kinds of galleries and sliders, etc. In this way, you get a premium quality at an affordable price. If you don’t want to waste money at all, you can download one of the free themes that are also included to the collection.

What’s the trick you ask? Well, everything is pretty simple, as both samples ensure top-of-the-line quality and an unmatched performance. Although, the premium ones come with a lifetime support, some additional tools and services while the free versions do not offer any of these features. In other words, if any trouble occurs, you will need to fix it all by yourself. Before purchasing any of the given WordPress or HTML5 themes you can take a quick preview of each one right from the comfort of your chair. In this way, you can check all the features of the theme and take a look at how it performs at various kinds of screens.

WordPress Theme for Gaming Website


Details | Demo

This theme features a grid-based layout which is a perfect fit for a website that focuses on news publications. The layout is responsive and looks great on any devices. It is also based on WordPress Cherry Framework which provides a great functionality. A nice fit for any game portal.

Responsive WP Theme for Charity Community


Details | Demo

This theme has a simple and easy-to-navigate layout. You can see a nice combination of gray and orange colors, an image slider and custom pages. The theme is built with WordPress Cherry Framework, so you can enjoy its great functionality and all the design customization options.

Homes For Sale WP Theme


Details | Demo

Homes For Sale is a responsive theme with a high-quality functionality. It looks clean and sleek, has an impressive image slider and different page categories such as testimonials, about us page and portfolio. It is built with SEO in mind, which means it would be easier for your website to rank at the top of search engine results.

Solution for Building Workshop and Corporate Sites


Details | Demo

This newest web design WordPress theme has an awesome parallax scrolling effect. At the top there is a large image slider with your logo and navigation bar. The theme is easy to customize as it’s based on WordPress Cherry Framework. There is a ‘latest projects’ section where you can showcase your latests works.

Build Site for Videographer Studio


Details | Demo

Videographer is a minimalistic theme with a stylish-looking design. It has a simple drop-down menu, place for your logo, and social media buttons. If needed, the background image could be easily changed and any other elements adjusted the way you prefer. The theme is responsive and fast-loading.

Professional Internet Provider WordPress Theme


Details | Demo

The theme has distinctive typography and big-resolution background /wp-content/uploads/roundup/30-free-premium-themes/images. The icons are performed in the style of flat design, and at the center we can see the prices table, which at once draws the attention. The theme has all the necessary types of pages, but if needed you can easily include more.

WP Theme for Pet and Animal Site


Details | Demo

This theme uses a simple image slider and a grid-based layout. The color-scheme uses mostly bright colors such as blue, yellow and green. Big social media buttons are very distinctive among other content and all the necessary information such as ‘about us’ and ‘contact us’ pages are easy to find.

WordPress Theme for IT and Software Sites


Details | Demo

The theme has a multi-column layout and extended header with hover animation. The main body includes two sidebars, one for categories section to make the navigation easy, and another one for recent news. In the footer area you can find social media buttons and additional page navigation. The theme can become a solid basis for a news portal website.

Industrial WordPress Theme


Details | Demo

This theme is built with WordPress Cherry Framework which means your website will not only have features of an ordinary WordPress theme, but will also have a diverse functionality of the popular WordPress framework. The theme is also SEO optimized which means your website will rank higher in search engine results.

WP Theme for Business Consultant Sites


Details | Demo

Business Consultant theme is a nice solution for any business related website. It can fit both big and small companies, agencies and corporations. The responsive design will ensure that the theme looks great on any modern devices and interactive jQuery animation will add some spice to your website.

Restaurant and Catering WordPress Template


Details | Demo

Today it becomes more and more popular to visit a restaurant’s website before going to the restaurant itself. In this way people would know better what to expect from it. This is one of the newest restaurant WordPress themes available for today and it has all the modern features one should need to run a website. If you want an impressive website, then definitely give it a try.

Graphic Designer Studio WordPress Website


Details | Demo

Any designer needs a portfolio to showcase his or her best works. This theme will help you to do it, as its grid-based layout is perfectly suited for different types of /wp-content/uploads/roundup/30-free-premium-themes/images and image galleries. Your works will look great on any kind of devices since the theme is fully responsive.

Computer Technologies and IT WordPress Template


Details | Demo

Computer Technologies theme provides your website with a clean sleek layout. Its responsive design will allow your visitors to comfortably browse your website on various devices. Based on Cherry Framework, its design can be easily adjusted to different needs. Feel free to click the demo button to see how your future website will look like.

Construction Company WordPress Theme


Details | Demo

This template can become a solid basis for you construction company website. The black header fits good for different types of logos, making it distinctive and memorable. As you can see the main color here is green, but just in case you want to experiment with the color-scheme, it could be easily changed to any other color you think might be appropriate.

Build Professional Architecture WordPress Website


Details | Demo

The theme is fresh and bright, implemented in light colors. The front page has a big image slider and memorable icons that describe separate aspects of your work. The theme is built in such a way that it will be easy for your visitors to see your works and learn more about your business. Simple social buttons at the bottom will lead visitors to your social accounts.

Photographer and CV HTML5 Template


Capturing life is a thing that everyone does, but capturing style and beauty in everyday things is an art to be learned. This photographer theme does a stellar job in bringing you a compelling animated portfolio that you need. In a matter of clicks you can get a perfect website that looks like you’ve spent a couple of month working on it.

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Finance and Business Consulting HTML5 Theme


Shades of blue are often used for business websites, but the result can be everything from a success to an upsetting failure. This theme is an example of a winning website with laconic design and mindfully located content elements. This is an HTML5 template, which means that you can change your website as much as you need, without being dependent on any system of site management. Delete and add elements and pages, change every single pixel there and enjoy the results that meet your client’s expectations.

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Free HTML5 Template for Entertainment and Event Planner Sites


Preparing a party is as important as organizing a business meeting or a conference. For a memorable event, oragizing it should be better addressed by professionals. Show that you are the best among them with this responsive theme that shows your experience and love of what you do. The template lets your clients easily contact you through a one-click contact form and locate you on Google Maps when necessary.

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Responsive Restaurant Template


This restaurant design features flat elements that “talk” to every guest of the page. Fun grid at the top lets you feature glimpes of best dishes and guests can explore and see more in the portfolio section. The template is responsive, which makes browsing the website inexpressively pleasant, no matter what device clients use.

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Free HTML5 Theme for Design Studios


A sleek template for webdesign company is a perfect choice to show that you can implement recent webdesign trends in the projects you carry out. Laconic forms of the template are combined with great CSS effects that together create your website awesomeness. Every element of the page is to the point and becomes an argument for your professional superiority.

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HTML5 Template for Architecture Sites


Dreaming of a spacious house that breathes of comfort and modernity? Meet the agency that can put your dreams into reality. This website design suggests that you are a next-gen company, oriented at carrying out challenging projects smoothly. With this template, browsing portfolio of your projects becomes a real pleasure, and contacting you is a deal of a couple of clicks.

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Free HTML5 Template for Cleaning Companies


Clean the dirt and mess with a couple of clicks! This is a reality with a modern cleaning company that can be reached online and will gladly bring you science-based cleanness. The website is ready to show off its contents with a clean layout and positive colors that tune you up for a quick and efficient cleaning that is a pleasure for those, who provide it.

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Free Photographer and Personal CV HTML5 Theme


If you’ve fallen in love with photography, you must share your passion with others. This theme comes in handy, when it comes to sharing your photoshoots in best light. Large animated slider lets you feature two captures simultaneously, as well as comment on them with a bulb of text in between. Such a fun desing feature will be nice to see and will add to the overall website awesomeness.

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Free HTML5 Theme for Designing Sports Sites


Motivation to jog and run your marathon does not come from nowhere. On your website it can be chunked into manageable block that feature /wp-content/uploads/roundup/30-free-premium-themes/images, inspiring videos and animated widgets. Don’t miss a chance to upgrade your website design to a new level of awesomeness, and make many people meet healthy lifestyle with your website.

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Free HTML5 Responsive Template for Taxi Cab and Automotive Sites


Traditional colors are used for this taxi template that invites your clients reach you not only by phone, but also online. Booking form of the site allows many options, and your clients get the service that they need. Let them share testimonials and comments about your service, and these statements of greatness will be out there online 24/7, proving the quality of what you do.

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Responsive HTML5 Theme for Corporate and Educational Sites


Support of the community can save one’s life, one’s family and one’s happiness. This site design with a subtle color scheme, emphasizes the importance of what you do and motivates people to join the cause. Winning over the hearts of online audience is important and this template provides you with an array of tools, such as different types of gallery posts, video playback options, sign-up forms, and much more.

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Free HTML5 Theme for Interior Studio


Nobody will believe that they can get a stylish interior form a company with an outdated website. So, a template like this one can really make a difference in amount of clients that opt for your services. The theme is easy to customise with an array of content setups that let you play around it as much as you feel like.

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Free HTML5 Corporate Theme


Presenting the impact of your services with graphs is a great idea, especially, if this fits the design of your website. Professional execution of this template makes it the best option for a wide pool of business professionals. The frontpage of the template features a number of fun graphs that interact with users once hovered or clicked.

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Free HTML5 Template for Travelling Sites


It’s time to see best travelling offers all in one place and book one of them right away. This website design for a travelling company offers hot deals on the frontpage and invites to explore more in “Tours” section. It’s hard not to be tempted by high definition photos of the most attractive places of our planet, reaching which is just a couple of clicks away.

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Exterior Design Free HTML5 Theme


Meet an unusual template for exterior design company. It features hexagonal elements and high contrast between dark green and white that is visually stunning. The theme presents a creative header logo that is both eye-catching and memorable, as well as a footer icon that displays portfolio, when clicked at.

HTMLBootstrap.com: Premium Bootstrap Template Bundle

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