Easy Way to Win Harley Davidson or Even Tesla Model S


Sounds intriguing. Keep reading and you will get even more surprised when you will find out, how easy you can fulfill your dreams.Ok, more to the point.

You are one of those people who adore surfing the net and can’t imagine your life without Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or better all together? If yes, I have just awesome news for you. With Social Stock Program you can keep enjoying chatting with your friends and even more, you can win some stunning prizes. You are simply not allowed to miss this unique chance. It started at the end of 2015 and caused a furor in the internet. See it on your own eyes.

What is at stake?

If you are checking on your social media websites non-stop during the day, this contest is perfect for you. Social Stock is online program that allows you to spend your time on the net to good use.Everybody can take part in this contest. If you are owner of a company, blogger or just passing by.The best part is of-course prizes. MacBook Pro, Smartwatch, Harley Davidson or even Tesla Model S. All that you can get when interacting with your social media auditory. Moreover, you can give everybody you want your special promo-code with 10% off on every product of TemplateMonster.



Yep. One of the leading companies among producers of templates. Template Monsteris pretty famous for its well-designed, highly-professional and just stunning templates. Using them, you can create everything you want: blog, personal page, cooking site, photo gallery, and even an online business. TM offers only best products, which were tested by years and lots of customers. Developers are using the latest technologies to make webpages easy in use and designers doing their best to create a stunning outfit for every theme. You can see it in your own eyes looking through bestselling themes.Another advantage of cooperating with TM is amazing 24/7 customers support for every template. You can forget about the problems with customizing with these guys.


How does the whole thing work?

The rules are very easy! Everyone who registered at Social Stock Program will get a personal promo-code, which will be generated by the system and sent after successful registration. This code provides people with a 10% discount for every product of TemplateMonster. Therefore, every time one of your followers or friends uses the code to get one of the stunning templates you will get 1 point. More sales – more points. More points – more prizes. It’s a win-win contest, so you can’t lose. It’s up to you.

To start you have to register in the system using this form.


After that you have to follow the instructions. Get your code, share it with friends and enjoy benefits. You can also check the number of your points anytime you want following these easy steps:
• Login into your own account on Social Stock;
• Put your promo-code in the corresponding field;
• Click on “Check”;
• See your results and amuse how close you are to achieving your goals.

To make the whole thing even easier for you there are some special features.TemplateMonster will obligatory provide you with the special memes for social networks. Some fun doesn’t hurt. You will also find a lot of banners and different samples of ready-made texts to start sharing your messages right away with your friends. Another cool tool you can use is the possibility to send your promo-code to all your contacts at once.


The best part.

Now let’s get to my favorite part of this contest and clear the rules of getting these stunning awards.

As I said before, there are 8 amazing prizes which you can get with Social Stock. Of course, they depend on a number of times your personal promo-code with discount was used by getting one of the templates. Let’s see the list!

1. 10 sales made with your unique promo-code mean that you get100$ on your PayPal account. You can get them any time and use immediately up to your needs;
2. Gaining 20 points guarantee you a modern Smartwatch Pebble. Be in trend;
3.When you reach 50 points a new iPad Mini 4 is yours. Modern design and lots of useful features;
4. With 100 sales iPhone 7is yours. No need in additional comments;
5. 250 uses of your promo-code mean you are getting Canon EOS 6D. You dreams are becoming reality!
6. When your code was used 500 times…congratulations! MacBook Pro is yours from now on ;
7. Finally 1,000 uses of your code make you a happy owner ofHarley Davidson Street;
8. And finally, the main prize – amazing Tesla Model S can be yours for 10,000 uses of your promo-code!

Hard to believe, I know! You can collect points in order to get better prize, it’s only your decision.

Secret Tips and Tricks

First of all, use all the special features TM prepared for you. You will be surprised how effective they can be. Don’t miss a chance to make new business connections, which can be extremely useful for you in future. Networking is power!
Last but not least. Dedicate some time to learn more about templates made by TemplateMonster to make sure you are on the bright side. You can not only compete for some prizes you will be also able to help your colleges or friends with their new websites. C’mon, 10% discount. Who will say no to that?
In collection bellow, you can see great examples of bestsellers for small business. Elegant, professional, delightful, easy in use and just stunning. You will love them. Check the demos if needed.

Elbrus – Business & Marketing Multipurpose WordPress Theme


Details | Demo

Monstroid2 – Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Monstroid2 - Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Financial Accounting WordPress Theme


Details | Demo

Handmade Jewelry WordPress Theme


Details | Demo

Computer Service WordPress Theme


Details | Demo

Summing up
Can’t wait to hear all you stories about getting these awesome prizes. Don’t hesitate to share them. We will celebrate together! Remember, you can’t lose here!

Have some questions or something important to add? Your feedback will be highly appreciated.

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