Get Customers and Leads for Your Web Studio for Free


Get Customers and Leads for Your Web Studio for Free

Do own a web studio? Are you satisfied with the number of requests that you attain from your customers? Are you looking for the ways to grow the client base and the general recognition of your web design studio? We guess that your answer is more likely to be yes than no.
Lack of customers is one of the most wide-spread problems that web design studios face at one stage of their operation or another. Pretty often webmasters ask themselves whether they are doing everything needed to increase their income. Are you a freelancer or a web design studio looking for more opportunities of the personal/business grows? Then you have reached the right post.


Today, we would like to introduce you to a project that TemplateMonster Affiliate Program has recently launched for all of their partners and simply those creative professionals looking for the ways to expand their client base. TemplateMonster Web Studios Catalogue welcomes all freelancers and web design studios to create an account for free and receive a steady flow of orders from clients who need to get their sites launched on the basis of ready-made templates.

What is TemplateMonster all about?

The company is one of the world-known providers of ready-made website templates for any web platform, business niche, and purpose imaginable. They have been on the market since 2002. For over 14 years of working in the industry, they have managed to learn the preferences of the demanding web audience. They keep a close eye on the latest web standards and trends. Their collection of website templates includes over 50,000 pre-designed themes for multiple purposes.
The company’s client base is made up of both experienced webmasters and ordinary businesses looking for a professionally-built ready-made solution for the official web resource. In most cases, when a customer acquires a ready-made theme, he/she needs to get it customized and uploaded with elements and tools that will perfectly fit their brand identity. The themes’ installation, customization, SEO optimization, content support, online promotion, and content support are on the list of the services they need to be done. Owing to the Web Studios Catalogue, it will get so much easier for the customers to come up with a studio to order the necessary services from.
The Web Studios Catalogue is a proven way to save the customers’ time on the search of a reliable provider of the required services. Every agency added to the list needs to pass TemplateMosnter’s Certification. Thus, they prove their high level of expertise of working with TemplateMonster’s themes.
TemplateMonster’s Certification Center is a place where both web design beginners and pros can find solutions that are the most suitable to them. Thus, beginners can learn the basics about the most popular blogging and eCommerce solutions. Experienced webmasters can complete a quiz on the knowledge of how to work with TemplateMonster’s themes. Everyone who completes the test successfully is added to the Catalogue.


Web Studios Catalogue is presented by means of a chart of freelancers and agencies working with WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Magento, Drupal, MotoCMS, and other ready-made solutions from the themes provider. All agencies are listed in a certain hierarchy. The more projects one has launched and the more CMS one works with, the higher is their position on the chart.
Moreover, there is a possibility to filter all agencies by means of an integrated advanced search. People are more likely to deal with freelancers and web studios that are located somewhere nearby. Taking this into account, the Catalogue includes an option to filter all studios by location as well as the CMS they work with.

As soon as a person comes up with a list of web design studios that he can possibly work with, he can go ahead and visit the studios’ profile pages. This is where detailed information about a web studio can be found. Contact details and a list of recent projects are also included. TemplateMonster also gives a review about the quality of the services that a web studio provides, thus a user can look though the opinion of experts right on the page. Whenever one decides to leave a theme customization request, this can be done on the web studio’s profile page. There is an integrated contact form, where one can describe what kind of services he needs to be done, provide the theme’s ID number, and additional notes.
What benefits does Web Studios Catalogue bring to freelancers and web agencies?
• Any web design studio that gets listed on the catalogue page automatically grows its chances of becoming more findable by the target audience.
• The Catalogue is a cool source of leads that one can use at no cost.
• Being added to the list of other progressive developers and designers puts a freelancer in a row with other professionals, bringing him a more credible look.
• TemplateMonster doesn’t charge freelancers and agencies for being added to the catalogue. No charges for further orders are included either.
• With the Catalogue, webmasters can also boost their income with TemplateMonster Partner Program. It’s likely that your clients will need to get more than one ready-made theme for their future websites. With the Partner Program one can boost income while earning a commission from each sale generated via an affiliate ID.
Wrapping it up, let’s assume that TemplateMonster Web Studios Catalogue is a highly beneficial offer for all freelancers and web design studios looking for a way to grow their client base, boost income, and generate a steady flow of website development orders. The Catalogue is a place that will make web design studios look more recognizable and noticeable. Being listed on one chart with other popular web design studios makes freelancers and small businesses build a more trustworthy online image.
The possibilities of further development are endless. The more orders a web design studio completes, the higher he ranks on the chart, and the more order he will receive from TM clients. Every studio and freelancer automatically becomes a TemplateMonster’s customer and gains a wider range of possibilities of growing income online. Just add your web studio on the Catalogue and enjoy all of its benefits on your own.

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