How to Earn Money and Prizes Socializing on the Net


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Have you ever dreamt of earning money with what you really like to do? I’m sure, you have. However, I’m not talking about some king of a hobby, like painting, tattoos or whatever. I’m talking about a simple thing that you do daily – spending time in social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, etc. We all check our daily feeds, thumb up photos, watch fun videos and chat online. If you’re the one, who loves spending time in social networks, then, this post is for you.


I want to tell you about one bulletproof option to win money and prizes when hanging out in social networks. I like it because this is not a kind of a lottery, where winners are determined by random choice. Here the reward is given for collecting a certain number of points. Let’s see what it is.

Social Stock Contest

Social Stock Contest is a contest for social networks geeks launched by TemplateMonster, one of the leading companies on the market of website templates. In case you don’t know, a template is a set of files that offer you a pre-made website look that you can change up to your liking. It’s way simpler to start a website with a template then without it. TemplateMonster is a large company and it supports direct socialization, such as the one that takes place in social networks. This spring, they decided to offer everyone who likes challenges to take part in the contest to win valuable prizes that we’ll discuss later on.

How to Enter the Contest?

The rules are pretty simple. Here are the steps you need to complete:

    1. Check out the Social Stock Contest Page and register as a contest participant.
    2. After this, you’ll get a 10% unique personal promo-code for all the templates that are offered at Share this promo-code with your friends.
    3. Check how many times your promo-code was used to purchase a template and select prizes depending on the number of uses.
    4. Select, receive and enjoy your prize!

These rules do not sound like rocket science. I’m sure you’ve got some friends that may consider staring a personal or corporal website. Why don’t you offer them a good starting point? Sharing is great and TemplateMonster strongly supports this philosophy.


Now we come closer to what you’re longing to learn: the prizes. The items offered are the newest gadgets and transportation means that everyone would enjoy having, but not everyone can afford. Why don’t you just simply win them?


10,000The super-prize is Tesla Model S, electric vehicle #1 in the world. This premium class car is a dream in all extends.

Nr. of promo-code uses Prize
10 $100 on your PayPal account. These are real money that you can spend for whatever you like. PayPal is globally recognized, so you won’t have problems paying with it.
20 You get Pebble Smartwatch, a stylish gadget that is waterproof and works both with Mac and Android devices.
50 You get a lightweight IPAD Mini 4 tablet that boasts of 7.9 multiscreen display.
100 If you reach this number, you get Iphone7, the most recent version of the legendary smartphone.
250 You get Canon EOS 6D professional camera with over 20-megapixel sensor, inbuilt GPS and full-HD video feature.
500 Macbook Pro is a niche notebook that establishes the standards for the industry. It’s compact (13.3 display, 1.6kg weight), but powerful with IntelCore i5 processor.
1000 Harley Davidson Street is an incarnation of a motorcycle legend. This is a bike that conquers both city and countryside.

Got inspired to spend time in social networks with value? I guess these prizes are more than motivating. I just feel like this, when I think of winning one of them:


Useful Tips

And here I’ve got a couple of tips for you, my dear readers. With these tips you’re bound to get more points and rock the contest.

      • First of all, use what is offered. TemplateMonster shares a number of free challenge-oriented tools with all the participants. These tools include:
        • Memes for social networks. Right, humor is not prohibited :)
        • Samples of ready-made messages: for those, who are lazy to write long messages.
        • Tools for sending promo-code to all your contacts at once.
      • Secondly, don’t hesitate to reach out for people, who are interested in starting a website, and convert them into your friends. Find them on dedicated blogs, forums and in social networks.
      • Finally, dedicate a bit of your time for learning more about TemplateMonster templates. For instance, check out their large collection of WordPress themes. For you convenience, I present some of the templates here. Use the ‘Details’ link to learn more about each template:

Breathtaking Monstroid2 Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Monstroid2 - Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Details |

Rock Real Estate: Bellaina Responsive WordPress Template

Bellaina - Real Estate Responsive WordPress Theme

Details |

Elegance and Efficiency: Small Business WordPress Website

Ascendio - Corporate & Business WordPress Theme

Details |

Fashion-geek: Style Blog WordPress Site

Trendomania - Lifestyle & Fashion Blog WordPress Theme

Details |

Top-notch SEO: Digital Marketing Agency Responsive WordPress Site Design

Laraway - SEO & Digital Marketing Agency WordPress Theme

Details |

I wish you win marvelous prizes in this contest and love social networks even more!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to drop a line below.

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